Digital Ads are Smarter Than We Think

Analytics has already revolutionized the ad bidding process. What you see and read in an ad is next.

Digital advertising has evolved into an increasingly complex business tool at the forefront of modern technology. Large scale marketing now uses a combination of e-commerce tools, creative services, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to deliver messages to a targeted audience. The days are creating high-end print ads published in a glossy magazines have dwindled–and some industries, such as politics have been slower to adapt than others. The next innovation impacting digital advertising is programmatic creative.

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AI Can Create More Jobs Than It Eliminates

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here. But amidst the exciting prospect of AI improving our lives by making production and tedious tasks, like data analysis, more efficient, worry looms over job loss and the displacement of workers across a wide variety of industries. So how will industries cope and adapt to this change to ensure that their talent remains valuable and that integration creates more opportunity than risk?

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Why Holiday Shopping Wasn’t As Chaotic As It Used to Be–Thank AI

Even as the shopping experience evolves, the crush to sell the most still exist.

The holiday season is upon us. The time frame between Thanksgiving and before Christmas Eve has defined holiday shopping. It’s a case of cash rules everything around us. Consumers try to take advantage of every sale and rebate available, while retailers and marketers make one last push to maximize profits for the year. Politically the holiday shopping season is a vital indicator of the overall health of the national economy. But, are shopping brawls and stampedes now a thing of the past? It’s trending in that direction.

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Politics Ain’t a Game, But Campaigns Are Encouraging Us to Play More

Can Political Campaigns Compete in the World of Fortnite?

Matching up mobile gaming with the current heated U.S. political rhetoric seems like an unlikely pairing, but it’s happening. Political campaigns are eager to increase engagement among their voter bases with their content and CTAs. Especially younger voters.

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Video Kills the Radio Star and Everything Else

Online video has become the go-to tool for marketers to reach and engage audiences. But the question remains, Why?

There comes a time in every technological advancements’ life when it is superseded by a more persuasive and more advanced technology. Approximately 30 years after television became the predominant form of entertainment, the band the Buggles’ proclaimed “Video Killed the Radio Star,” in their 1979 one-hit wonder.

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